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Blacksmith Garage is located in the beautiful ski mountain town of Eden, Utah.

Eden is a pioneer Utah town established in 1865.  It is sandwiched between Powder Mountain to the north, which at 10,000 acres is the largest ski resort in North America and Snowbasin to the south, venue for the Olympic downhill event when Utah hosted the Olympics in 2002.

Eden is a 60 minute drive from Salt Lake City downtown and International Airport and 65 minutes from Park City.

It sits on the gorgeous Pineview Lake surrounded by 360 degree views of mountains. 

From Salt Lake head due north up I-15 until you reach the Ogden, 12th Street exit which will take you straight through the Ogden Canyon to the Ogden Valley and Eden.

From Park City take I-80 north, then I-84 north, then I-167 (Trappers Loop) north to the Ogden Valley and Eden.




Shawn has run Blacksmith Garage Classic Sales and Operations for 10 years. Shawn has enjoyed many opportunities to help clients find and purchase their dream vehicle.


Shawn has received a Bachelors in Finance and an MBA with Honors. He makes sure our business is running smoothly and our clients are happy.



Carter has 30 years of experience in the automotive industry.  Along with running Blacksmith Garage, Carter owns Haacke Motors in Layton, Utah where he specializes in modifying, customizing, racing and loving all things Motorsports.  From sand and water to dirt and asphalt ... if it burns fuel he loves it!

Carter is passionate about the friendships and people he has come to know through the Motorsports industry. 

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