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Envisioned and designed by Actor and Racer Patrick Dempsey for his personal use.

This 1965 Mustang Fastback was built in 2008 by Panoz Auto Development & JRD - the prototype and tuning arm of Panoz ("Panoz") as a custom order for Dempsey in their Georgia facility. Dempsey envisioned the car as "understated yet handles well, with 21st-century ergonomics and features; a car that I can put my family in, and one that my wife can drive and enjoy as well." This car embodies his vision of owning a fully modernized 1965 Mustang that could be his daily driver.


Dempsey explained in the Mustang Monthly article written on the car why he choose Panoz for this build and he said, "The thing fascinating to me is that their Esparante has won Sebring and Le Mans, and a lot of people don't know that. So they have the pedigree of racing with a passion for one-offs". Dempsey also had a relationship with Panoz as he started with Panoz in the racing schools and he then began participating in amateur road racing. Dempsey's interest in racing grew from amateur to professional to then actually owning an IndyCar team.


The vehicle was featured on the cover of Mustang Monthly May 2008 and the article states “If they handed out Academy Awards for resto-mods, actor Patrick Dempsey would get the Oscar for his Panoz built ’65 Mustang.”

The Panoz engineering, construction and specifications totally transcend the typical resto-mod genre and deliver a 21st century driving experience. The goal of the build was to take a classic design, preserve its beauty and at the same time make a piece of history into something that is practical, livable and completely contemporary for today’s environment.

The Panoz build took two and a half years and more than 3,900 hours of computer-assisted design (CAD), engineering, fabrication, custom molds, assembly and finishing time. In total Mr Dempsey spent over $300,000 building this vehicle.

This one of a kind mustang offers world class performance under a timeless, vintage skin. Mustang Monthly explains, "The casual observer doesn't have a clue that such a wondrous amount of engineering is hidden beneath the stylish lines of this vintage-appearing '65 fastback."  It remains today one of the best engineered of its kind and is the perfect choice for the collector seeking the ultimate Mustang with the additional benefit of celebrity provenance.

The vehicle has completed only 8,500 miles since completion, the leather still smells brand new and this is essentially a brand new car.


The powertrain is from a 2004 (SN95) Mustang Cobra SVT with a supercharged 4.6 liter (4 valves per cylinder) engine, sometimes referred to as the terminator motor, which started out from the factory at 390 HP and 385 ft lbs torque which was then tuned by the folks at Panoz using a cold air intake and custom remote cut-out exhaust system to bring it up to 420 HP and 420 ft lbs torque.   It is the perfect balance of weight and power and makes for a very powerful and responsive package.


Engine compartment is like new, meticulously clean and chrome pieces are shiny and brand new.


Custom stainless steel Cat Back system with side exit exhaust featuring Magna flow mufflers equipped with variable tune.

The transmission is a Tremec T56 6 speed manual as used in the 2004 Cobra SVT.

Other Ford systems incorporated: Full H-pipe with catalytic converters, radiator, condenser and intercoolers with multi speed ducted fan, complete engine wiring loom, instrument cluster, passive anti-theft system, motor mounts, late model SN-95 Mustang pedal cluster.


Front suspension is a Panoz version of the 1994-2004 SN95 code Mustang updated with coil over shocks and adjustable double wishbone a-arms built into a complete custom reconstructed front inner clip from the fire wall forward and tying into custom tubular rocker panel and modified floor pan from a 2005-2014 S197 code Mustang. The structure includes motor mounts, modern crumple zone, increased rigidity and strength resulting in a modern sports car feel and handling.

Rear suspension is an un-modified solid axle three link from a 2005-2014 S197 code Mustang which is wider than the original 1965 resulting in the increased track and stance of the car and includes modern disc brakes and ABS.

Steering is a Ford rack and pinion power steering system 2.5 turn lock to lock.

ABS brake system by Ford, power assisted, with 13 inch vented Front Rotors, 11 inch rear solid rotors. Front calipers are PBR 2 piston and Rear calipers are Varga single piston.


The chassis and body is a fully integrated hybrid of technology that retains the classic look of the '65 Mustang. Hybrid unibody and space frame construction integrated with S197 floorpan and firewall, fabricated torque box, front and rear crush zones and integrated side impact protection. Panoz did not utilize Ford sheetmetal in the rear. They fabricated the floor above the rear axle and made the pickup points for the rear axle so the correct OE geometry was retained.This car was designed as a daily driver not only as a show car. Every aspect evolved around safety, reliability, serviceability, value and performance. The chassis is like new and remains extremely clean and is in excellent shape.


Carpeted trunk compartment is clean and houses a spare tire and the battery.


Painted in black, the body is in excellent shape and is straight with no waves and has zero dents. The chrome trim is straight. The car is in like new condition.


The black exterior is complemented with a black leather interior. The car was purchased from Patrick Dempsey by Equus Automotive Inc which is known for their BASS770 builds. Upon their purchase the interior was changed by EQUUS. The headrests and leather wrapped steering wheel are adorned with the Equus unicorn logo. The interior is in excellent (like new) condition and you can smell the new leather smell upon opening the door. The headliner is snug and tight to the roof. The interior also provides more modern conveniences and luxuries with A/C that blows cold, Becker Mexico radio with Bluetooth, power seats and power door locks. The stock issue side windows are also electrically powered.


3 point retractable front seat belts, full rear child seat restraint system, rear mid-ship fuel cell location, collapsible steering column and padded safety wheel, removable front crush zone, integrated rear crush zone, 3” x 2” box chassis reinforcements integrated into rockers/sills, reinforced toe box, traction control system, ABS, full OBD, full EPA emission equipment, LED taillights with third high mount taillight, HID headlights.