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Blacksmith Garage’s Partners are enthusiasts who collect, build, off-road and sell cool vehicles for the pure joy of it.


Blacksmith Garage does two things:


PRECISION BUILDS - Using modern tech we design, engineer and build the 'ultimate' version of classic vehicles.

CLASSIC SALES - We find, fix up and enjoy classic vehicles until it is time to pass them on to the next caretaker.


We call ourselves ‘Blacksmith Garage’ because we restored the J.M. Wilbur & Son Blacksmith shop which was founded in the picturesque ski town of Eden, Utah in 1893*.

We cherish the historical roots of the motorcar & motorbike and the unique role the American blacksmith played in their early development. 

Early in the 20th century it was America’s Blacksmith shops that evolved from building, repairing and selling 'Horse Powered' transportation into being the first entities repairing, rebuilding, selling and racing early motorcars and motorbikes.

Indeed, Jesse Wilbur transitioned our shop in the early 1900s from working exclusively on ‘Horse Powered’ transportation to ‘Engine Powered’ transportation. 

The shop had an early pneumatic car lift and was also an early Vico Gas Station and Conoco Gas Station.

*The shop was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2017.



Many vintage cars, trucks and bikes are met with a viscerally excited “thumbs up” reaction when seen on the road.

​Unfortunately, many of these old vehicles struggle to keep up with traffic on the freeway.

Blacksmith Garage’s engineering division – Precision Builds was created to synthesize some of the beautiful designs from our automotive past with modern technology that was not available when the vehicle was first conceived.

Our goal is to hand-build the ‘ultimate’ version of that vehicle for discerning clients... defined in terms of performance, torque, modern comforts, capability and other elements while vigorously holding onto the 'SOUL’ of the original vehicle.


Our classic car focus is on interesting and rare cars, trucks and motorbikes. We have everything from original cars and barn finds to concours quality examples. Every vehicle has been thoroughly vetted by our engineers.


When you buy a vehicle from us you are 100% guaranteed that the car you are buying has been represented accurately.


“Car Karma” is way too strong and life is way too short to have anyone mad at us. We do this for fun and we pour our heart and soul into all of our vehicles and our relationships with our clients.

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