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Blacksmith Garage continually finds and sets aside an assortment of cars, trucks and bikes with the intent to restore them back not only to former glories (stock restorations) but sometimes to new glories (resto - mods).

Our restorations cater for three kinds of clients:

First, those clients who want the car to run obviously but they want it 'au natural with all its patina and bumps and bruises ie in a condition that tells its life story. These clients live by the adage they can be restored a hundred times but they can only be original once.

Second, there are the purists who want the car totally restored but to be stock in every way. Basically to look the same as it left the factory.

Third, and last, we also cater to the those who feel that there is no point having the coolest car in town if it can't out-accelerate a Subaru or keep up with traffic on the freeway. They want the look of a classic but they want modern performance and creature comforts crate motor, disc brakes, fuel injection, heated seats, blue tooth etc etc.

The client is always right. All of them. We want them to be happy and so we give them what they want.

We only buy those vehicles for restoration that our clients would buy if they were doing their own restoration. Ie those projects where the restoration will be fun, interesting and NOT be an economic disaster.

Ergo, if we think we can economically restore a vehicle we buy it and put it in the queue.

Put another way we only buy projects that example, have limited or no rust, that are unique, cool and also, where there is a still potential upside based on the market values.

However, sometime after starting this we realized that while they sit in our queue that there may be a father and son team out there looking for a fun project to work on together. Maybe they want to put a Cummins diesel into a 1987 Landie defender or a corvette motor into a 1957 Dodge Power Wagon.

We realized that if we sell a project to you, then we can work on something else and in the end 2 cars are restored instead of just1 and that is brilliant for car-karma!

So we present to you our queue of projects, if any of them interest you please give us a call.

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more details - husqvarna viking 360
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Engine : 360cc
Stock : 01-557
VIN : MF-1987


Stock: 01-557

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