Blacksmith Garage - Our History


Blacksmith Garage derived its’ name and inspiration from our historic J.M. Wilbur & Sons Blacksmith shop which was founded in Eden in 1893.

In the early 1900s Jesse Wilbur quickly transitioned his shop from working on exclusively Horse Powered Transportation to Engine Powered transportation.  The shop had an early pneumatic lift and was also an early Vico Gas station (see the above photo) and later, a Conoco Gas Station.  The shop was operated until Glen Wilbur (the founder’s son) retired in the 1970s. 

When we first found the blacksmith shop, the building had severely deteriorated after decades of non-use.  However, the building was a TIMEWARP.  Incredibly, it still had all of the original equipment and tools including the original bellows, anvils, pneumatic hammer and all the handmade Blacksmithing tools just sitting there.  The building was screaming to be brought back to life.

After many years of restoration, the J. M. Wilbur Blacksmith shop was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2017.

A full time blacksmith (Aaron Richardson of operates the restored blacksmith shop creating all kinds of products including knives, axes, armor, door latches and locks, railings, strap hinges and many other items.

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