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Blacksmith Garage - About Us

Blacksmith Garage is located at the historic Blacksmith Village in Eden Utah.

Blacksmith Garage can be found in the Blacksmith Village in Eden, Utah.  Blacksmith Village was developed around the historic J.M. Wilbur & Sons Blacksmith shop which was founded in 1893. In the early 1900s Jesse Wilbur quickly transitioned his shop from working on exclusively Horse Powered Transportation to Horse Powered AND Engine Powered transportation.  The shop had an early pneumatic lift and was also an early Vico Gas station (see the above photo) and later, a Conoco Gas Station.  The shop was operated until Glen Wilbur (the founder’s son) retired in the 1970s. 

When the current owner purchased the blacksmith shop, the building had severely deteriorated after decades of non-use.  However the building was a TIMEWARP.  Incredibly, it still had all of the Blacksmith horsey and automotive tools still sitting there.  The building was waiting to brought back to life.

The owner set about creating a plan to save the building and its contents. After many years of design, construction and renovation, Blacksmith Village was created.  The blacksmith Shop was not only restored and preserved in its original 1893 condition but additionally, three new buildings were constructed on the site to compliment the original blacksmith shop.  One of them is an exact replica of the Browning Gunsmith in Nauvoo, Illinois. The additional buildings were constructed using century old building techniques including cast iron frontages (sand cast in a foundry in South Jordan, Utah) and old brick salvaged from a building built in 1905 on Ogden’s historic 25th street.

Blacksmith Garage operates in two of these newly constructed historical buildings. A full time Blacksmith (Ragnar Forge) operates the restored blacksmith shop creating parts when needed for older motorcars and providing assistance when needed in the service and restoration process.

Blacksmith Garage is proud of this unique heritage and is dedicated to preserving motoring history by finding the best examples of unique and important vehicles from the world’s past and finding them good homes with likeminded caretakers who will care for and preserve them for generations.

Blacksmith Garage is dedicated to making your classic vehicle buying experience both positive and rewarding.  We want to be your classic vehicle partner for years to come.  Indeed, we only stock those cars and bikes we would be happy to see come back to us. We hope to see the car we sell you many times in the coming decades.  Each time we can find a new caretaker for it.  And, of course find you a new classic car to take care of!