Blacksmith Garage - Our Story


Blacksmiths - America's First Motorcar & Motorcycle Enthusiast

 Blacksmith Garage took their inspiration from the fact that early in the 20th century it was America’s Blacksmith shops that evolved from building, repairing and selling horse powered transportation into being the first entities repairing, rebuilding, selling and racing early automobiles and motorbikes.

We cherish the historical roots of the motorcar & motorbike and the unique role the American blacksmith played in its early development.

More recently we have built a team that is building the ultimate version of certain classic trucks. That team is known as Blacksmith Engineering and their website can be found at


Blacksmith Garage - Vintage Motorcar & Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Blacksmith Garage Located in scenic Eden, Utah started as a place where a couple of car guys engaged in passionate dialogue about their cars, trucks and bikes.

The enthusiasts at Blacksmith Garage do this for the pure joy of it. When you buy a vehicle from us you are 100% guaranteed that the car you are buying has been represented accurately. Life is way too short and “Car Karma” is way too strong to have anyone mad at us.


Our Vehicles

Our primary focus is interesting and rare cars, trucks and motorbikes. We have everything from original cars and barn finds to concours quality examples. Every vehicle we have represents a handpicked example that we have enjoyed searching for, finding, buying, maintaining, restoring (if needed) and most of all driving! Every vehicle we offer for sale has been thoroughly vetted and one we chose to own. We bought it because it is awesome.

In fact, if we are offering something for sale then it is because we believe philosophically that you never ‘own’ these vehicles. You enjoy them for a while and then you have a responsibility to put that vehicle in a safe pair of hands for that next person to enjoy.


We often do not get around to photographing, writing copy for and uploading all our cars, trucks and bikes to our website. 

At any given time 70% of our collection is not even on the website. If truth be known, we are not great at making a lot of noise about our stuff … but that’s ok because we don’t really mind if we sell it or not. As a result, if you do not see what you are looking for, please let us know.